We Want Stargate Now

We are a team of Stargate fans from various European countries who came together to support the #StargateNow initiative.

Join the stargate fandom to bring back the best sci-fi franchise!


Who We Are

We are a team of Stargate fans from different European countries who came together to support the Stargate Now initiative

After many years, the stargate fans are still active. Stargate Now is an initiative brought by the Stargate fandom all across the globe in order to bring back the Stargate franchise on our screens.



We organise various events on Twitter know as tweetstorms to show MGM (and other networks) that the desire for more Stargate is still going strong.



Stargate fans love to gather at conventions all around the world. Don't hesitate to attend one to meet other gaters.



Stargate is a huge community present all over the word. The StargateNow initiative gathers fans from many countries thanks to the power of the internet.

Request Stargate on Amazon's Streaming Platform

Since Amazon are looking into buying MGM, help bring Stargate to Amazon's streaming platform by requesting it! You can request SG1, Atlantis, Universe and even a new Stargate series!

What gaters are saying


A huge thank you to everyone who helped pull off this seismic storm: the aforementioned cast and crew, the Stargate Now facebook crew, the gang at Save FutureStargate Travel, the High Council of StargateNow and StargateNowEurope, and, of course, all of you.

Joseph Malozzi

Our partners

Stargate Pegasus Stargate Operations Sweden


We organise Tweetstorms involving the Stargate community to express our never ending love for Stargate and desire for more Stargate on our screens.

Do not hesitate to join us during an upcoming one! We will update the website as soon as a date is settled for the next one.

How to tweetstorm

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