Request Stargate on Netflix

Netflix is at this time the biggest streaming network, showing the interest for Stargate to one of the biggest actor can definitely help to increase the interest for the franchise and also increase the fan base by allowing new people to discover the TV shows.

How to do?

In order to request Stargate on Netflix, you can simply use the form they provide to ask for new movies and TV shows.

1. Visit the "Request TV shows or movies" page in the Netflix Help center:

2. Fill the Suggestions fields with the different Stargate Tv shows or a new Stargate Tv show since our goal is to get a new canon Stargate show. By default Netflix allow only three suggestions at a time. If you want to give more than three, just fill the form multiple times.

Netflix request step 1


3. Netflix is using the recpatcha service from Google to prevent robots to fill the form. You will have to check the box "I'm not a robot". It can ask you resolve some challenges like recognize part of images. Once done, you should have something like this:

Netflix recaptcha


4. Submit the form by clicking on the "Submit suggestion" button. It will send your request to Netflix and you should arrive on a page that thank you for your feedback.

Netflix request Thank you page


Thank you for helping us support Stargate! Don't hesitate to repeat this from time to time in order to keep showing that the fans are still waiting for more Stargate content!