Request Stargate on Disney+

Contacting the different streaming services helps to show the interest of the fans for the Stargate franchise. Disney+ is the new streaming platform of the Disney company which is already proposing a pretty nice catalog but not as good as some of his concurrents. That's why contacting Disney+ and showing them the enthousiasm of the fans could influence the company to invest in Stargate by streaming the existing Tv shows and of course by creating a new canon Tv show. Moreover, Disney+ is already streaming the Stargate episode of the Simpsons.

How to do?

The advantage of Disney+ is that the platform has an interface for helping people that has a feature which is exactly what we want to do. They give us the ability to suggest new content that we would love to see on their platform. Therefore, don't hesitate to visit their website to suggest Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Stargate Origins and a new Stargate!

1. Visit the page that helps people on Disney+: Help Center:

Request on disney+ step 1


2. Once you visited this page, you should see a search bar and four buttons just below it. One of them called "Give Feedback" is the one that needs your attention. Click on it. If you don't find it, there is a screenshot that put in relief the right button in the interface.

Request on disney+ step 2


3. After clicking, a popin called "Please give us feedback about Disney+" will appear in the middle of your screen. A dropdown "What would you like to do?" allows you to choose the most adapted option. Select the option "Request a film or show".

Request on disney+ step 3


4. When you select the option, the interface of Disney+ will update and will show three text inputs  and a "Submit" button. The last step to complete the request is to fill those inputs with the Stargate series that you wish to see on Disney+. For example, you can fill with:  New Stargate show, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis. Don't hesitate to repeat the steps if you can't pick among the stargate Tv shows because you are limited to three choices. Once filled, just click on the submit button to send the form to Disney+.

Request on disney+ step 4


5. Le for m has been submitted! Disney+ should thank you for help with a message as shown on the screenshot. Thank you for helping us to support the Stargate franchise and we hope to see Stargate thrive very soon.

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