Request Stargate on Apple Tv+

Apple is one the biggest company selling computers, phones but also Tvs. Apple has also launched their own streaming platform but their choice of movies and series is not very large. That's why requesting them to have Stargate could help because they are looking for interesting content to extend their library and compeat with the other companies that offer similar services.

Apple specifies in their conditions that the information that you will fill can be shared without any restriction. If you do not want your personnal data to be shared, use a pseudo and a temporary email address.

1. In order to request Stargate on Apple Tv+, you need to go to the iTunes feedback page by following this link:

Apple request Tv show


2. You should have a form in front of you with multiple fields. We will go through the list with you:
- Name: It is simply your firstname or lastname. If you are not confortable with sharing your name, you can use a pseudo.
- Email Address: Fill your email address. You can use a temporary email like Yopmail if you prefer to keep your email address private.
- Which operating system are you using? They are asking for the operating system running on your device with iTunes. We just want to show our support for Stargate, any choice is valid. If you want to fill the form accurately, iOS is for iPhones, macOS/OS X are for apple computers and Windows for computers. If you have another system like Linux, pick Other.
- Which version of iTunes are you using? Apple is now asking for the version of iTunes that is installed on your device. You can just pick the latest version in the list.
- What is your age? This question is not mandatory, share it only if you want to.
- What would you like to request? This question is the most important, select the choice "Request a TV Show" in the list. Three additional fields will appear.
- Comments: You can write whatever you want to say, but we definitely recommend to ask for a new Stargate Tv show!
- Show Name: Write "Stargate", it will include the three Stargate Tv shows SG1, Atlantis and Universe and also a potential new one.
- Season Number: It is not required, but you can simply ask for all seasons.
- Episode Name or Number: You can do the same as the seasons, just ask for all the stargate episodes.

3. Once you filled all the informations, you can click on the submit Feedback button. All the data will be sent to Apple and you should arrive on a page that thank you for your feedback.

Apple Tv thank you


Thank you for your help and we hope to see Stargate soon on Apple Tv+!