Request Stargate on Amazon Prime Video

The streaming platform from the ecommerce giant Amazon is one of the main actors of the streaming platforms. Stargate is currently available on Amazon Prime! Therefore the streaming platform from Amazon is a good target for us to ask a new Stargate Tv show.

How to do?

The process to ask for a new Tv show is probably the most complex one because Amazon don't have specific options for this and you need to be logged in with an amazon account.

1. The first step is to access the Amazon Prime website: Access Amazon Prime. Then, go directly to their footer and click on the "Send us feedback" link.


Amazon prime footer

2. Amazon Prime requires to be logged in in order to make requests. Login to your amazon account filling the fields. You should be directly redirected to the "Send us feedback" page. If it is not the case, you can use the link we have here: Direct access to "Send us feedback". Please note that Amazon is using different links by region, so if you want to be sure you are doing a request in your region, use the amazon interface.


Amazon Prime login

3. As we said before Amazon doesn't provide a specific option for asking for new content like Stargate. The interface will ask you the following question "Tell us more about your issue". Among the choices, none of them matches our need, so just pick "Other issues". After doing so, a new choice will appear "Please make a selection". This new select is not really relevant, choose "Anything else".


Amazon prime request form

4. After selecting the option, the interface will partially reload and show you three ways of contacting Amazon Prime:

- E-mail
- Phone
- Chat

I guess all the choices can work but I would recommend email for simplicity. The current page will continue explaining assuming you chose "E-mail" to contact Amazon Prime.

5. A new contact form will appear and it will be the last step to complete your request. Just explain that you would love to see a complete new stargate show on Amazon prime and whatever you want to say. A field named "Tell us a little more about your issue" allows you to basically say anything you want, so show your love for Stargate! Don't hesitate to talk about the stargatenow initiative and to add a link to this page in your message to them.


Amazon prime contact form

6. To complete your request, press the "Send E-mail" button and a thank you page should appear on your screen. Congratulation, you asked Amazon Prime for more Stargate! Thank you for your help. Long live Stargate.


Thank you page amazon prime