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Stargate fans form a large community across the world. There are many ways to join them wherever you are. The easiest way is to follow us online with the social media but you can also meet some in real life during conventions for example.

You can join us across the different social media we manage. We are on Twitter and Facebook so far.


@StargateNow : This is the main Twitter account of the Stargate Now initiative. The language of this account will be mainly english.
@StargateNow_EU: This is our european account for Stargate Now. The tweets on this channel are in different languages for people of the different european countries.
@StargateNow_EU2: This account is mostly used during Tweetstorms. Twitter blocks accounts for a while when they detect someone tweeting too many times in a short period of time. Since a tweetstorm generates lots of tweets, it may happen that the main account is blocked. This account is a backup during Stargate tweetstorms.


We also have a Facebook page for the initiative that can follow. Twitter is the main channel for communication but we will try to share information also on the Stargate Now Facebook page.

Visit our Facebook page


Some of the volunteers of the Stargate Now initiative are present at conventions, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to meet! We're always happy to talk with Stargate fans.


And don't hesitate to join us when there are some events like tweetstorms or requesting Tv shows on the streaming platforms, any help is appreciate.