About us

What is Stargate Now?

StargateNow is an initiative that gather fans from all around the world in order to bring back Stargate on screens.

After many years, the MGM who possesses the rights on Stargate is still not exploiting the potential of the franchise. But the fans are there and are asking for a new canon show since the cancellation of Stargate Universe in 2011. Gaters have waited enough! The Stargate Now initiative has the goal to show the MGM that Stargate worth their attention and that the fanbase is there waiting for a new show.

Who is involved?

Stargate Now is not only motivated by the fans, the cast and producers of the previous Tv shows Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe are also involved. Joseph Malozzi is THE person coordinating the tweetstorm with the fans. Different actors are participating during tweestorms and some of them still share their love for Stargate like Suanne Braun with her HathorHosts.

What do we do?

We mainly manage social media to keep the Stargate fans united and try to coordinate the tweetstorms in order to show the MGM or streaming platforms that there is an opportunity to make money thanks to the stargate fans. We also manage the present website and write content like our tutorials to submit requests for more stargate on the most known streaming services.