How to tweetstorm

WHEN: Date and Start Time

No Tweetstorm is planned for the moment.

  • America: -
  • UK, Ireland & Portugal: -
  • Middle Europe: -
  • Eastern Europe: -
  • Australia: -
  • New Zealand: -


  • Our goal is to spark the interest of streaming services.
  • Tag the streamer you would like to see as the new home for Stargate in your tweets. (From a European point of view this could be @netflix @PrimeVideo @AppleTVPlus or @disneyplus.)
  • Please tag only one of these streaming services per tweet. (If you want to address more than one, please send an additional tweet.)

HOW: Twitter Trending Rules

  • Follow @StargateNow and @StargateNow_EU on Twitter.
  • At the start time the brand new hashtag for the Tweeststorm will be revealed by these accounts .
  • Include only one hashtag per tweet (the one we give you).
  • Retweets are important; don’t use „quote tweet“.
  • Less is more, keep your tweets fairly short.
  • Gifs and pictures will help trend faster.
  • Make sure your account is public and your location is set.

You can find lots of Stargate gifs to use with your tweets at this link: Google Drive

Be nice, have fun, bring friends!

Follow @BaronDestructo @StargateNow and @StargateNow_EU for updates!